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Larry Baker, Owner 101 Computers


101 Computers began building and selling custom computers in the mid 1990’s in Bandon, Oregon,  in a small house along US Highway 101. The business has had several locations in Bandon since then, and now is in the home office of Larry and Kelly Baker at 690 Franklin Avenue in Bandon. In the ever changing world of computers, the focus of 101 Computers has now shifted to repair and consultation for the  consumer and small business owner. With the advent of Windows 8, today’s computer users require sound advice regarding the repair, purchase, and practical use of their computer investment. With such a diverse market demand, 101 Computers  finds  the best solution to meet our customers ever changing needs. Recently, 101 Computers  provided wireless internet systems to several business owners seeking to serve their clients with wireless internet access.  We are able to provide consumer or commercial systems as needed. Our common sense Windows training classes have also satisfied many computer “newbies” seeking to navigate the ever changing world of whatever  new and exciting Microsoft throws at us!.

Meet the Business Owner

Larry Baker has had electronics in his blood from the early 60’s when he first helped his dad fix vintage 2 transistor pocket radios. There was always a soldering gun in his hand, so naturally he sought out a career working with electronics. Today, with a solid 30 year career with AT&T, and a comprehensive knowledge of communications systems under his belt, as well as ham radio fun, computers have always played a role in his experience ,from vintage machines thru today’s complex PC’s. After a downsizing at AT&T, Larry chose to stay in Bandon and soon purchased 101 Computers in 2004. Since those days, the experience gained added to the knowledge he offers for repairs and consultation. Larry gained valuable customer and technical experience as a field technician for a large computer manufacturer while running the 101 Computers service bench. It has always been important to bring common sense to the complex world of modern computers to the average user, so Larry has enjoyed translating “Geek” into English for several satisfied computer users.

The Future

Computers are not complicated, but they are quite confusing….

101 Computers will continue to provide value in PC repair and consultation services to the Coos County, Oregon and surrounding area for a long time to come. We hope to offer the latest hardware and software suggestions available in a changing technical age. We plan to add video tutorials and helpful commentary to add value to your computer.

Visit often, and let us know how we can make your computer work for you, not You work for your computer!

Larry Baker

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