Should you Trash your Windows XP computer?

There sure is a lot of news about Windows XP going the way of the dinosaur lately.

It was on April 8th of this year that Microsoft (bless their ever -lovin’ heart), finally let go of their multi-billion dollar Operating System Windows  XP  product support.
No longer will the 3:00AM updates to make sure you can get all those pop-ups in the Portugese language be installed for you as you read the morning news. The only people  now safe from total destruction  are companies and governments wealthy enough to pay for extended service contracts for Microsoft security patches and updates.
Is this a Bad thing? Should you “chuck” your computer and run down to Staples or Best Buy and get the latest Big Box machine with Windows 8.1…. or worse yet, throw in the towell, bite the bullet, and GOD FORBID….. go APPLE?
The good news is  that the house wont fall down if you continue to use your machine with Windows Xp.  After all reader, you are in good company.Lots of company. Worldwide company.
Microsoft has about 90 percent of the desktop computer operating system market as of this writing. Of that market share, Windows Xp, now 12 years old and counting, maintains a remarkable 28 percent hold. This means worldwide there are still millions of people using XP.Theres not a trash can big enough to hold those machines!
Here is the link to a wealth of information, and a snapshot of where the software you use compares to the market as a whole:

Feel free to comment and tell me if you plan to keep using XP for a while.

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