Selling your Soul online….or other stuff you might make a buck on

We have all had those sickening advertisements pop up in our face while we are innocently following a web link to something that has captured our attention. It’s almost like the midnight cable TV guys are out in force , now on the computer spewing ads in our faces. “How to make BIG money online in the comfort of your home!”.  Sometimes we sort-of believe those ads, and we really WANT them to be true….. but most are not. It seems that everything is just another lead to sell you a program or “system”, perhaps a $2,000 seminar to successful marketing. I know these things….. I personally have spent THOUSANDS of Bit coins…(I mean Dollars), most of which made the authors wealthy, not me. So what Can make you money online , without costing you a month’s pay??

Well, there have been a few people sell their SOUL online, but that’s been done, and probably not a good idea for a host of reasons, but it Has been done. Here’s a guy who did it:

There are several ways to sell online, but the three most popular are eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. The truth is, you probably have a whole bunch of stuff that other people want Today, and are willing to pay for it. might even have enough stuff to finance a few house or car payments, all you need is a little bit of computer face time and a garage sale mindset.

Craigslist is simple, but remember it is Local, not meant to be Nationwide. Sell your larger expensive to ship stuff, but be careful…. meet people publicly when selling or buying, there are crazies out there! Just follow the instructions on I have had mixed results with Craigslist, both for vehicles and smaller laptops and parts.

Amazon is relatively new to selling on a grand scale, but they are moving aggressively to compete. I recently traded in some music CD’s,  there is quick money there, but you are basically giving the product to them ( only 25 cents fore some CD’s, 5 dollars for others),but Amazon has a lot of potential for making you wealthy. I have been told they will even warehouse your stuff. Again, check their website, open an account and tie your card or checkbook to the account, and you are up and running!

At 101 Computers, we actually sold a steering wheel for over seven hundred dollars not too long ago. It is always surprising to find exactly what people will or absolutely will not buy, I have been on both sides of the system, both buying and selling. It is quite thrilling to get  a money order in the mail, or better yet, money immediately,  via a Paypal account.

The big kid on the block, has a large commission, and Fees, but Nationwide exposure, it is worth the trouble if you can live with a significant discount for a sale price, AND around 15 percent worth of FEES! To get started, you need an account at eBay. Just go to and follow their lead , get an account , and….if you are ready to rumble ( sell), attach a bank account and start making money….little money at first, but who knows…. maybe it IS your ticket to the big Bucks!

101 Computers can guide you through the whole process. Just call or email!

And if you do make it to the Big Time……Don’t forget the “little people”, (like me)!



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