Time Travel and the “Good Old Days”



One of the things I would love to do in my old age is travel through time. Yes, visit  the past. I really don’t want to step out of the time machine and be run over by a chariot, but I would pay someone a hefty ticket price to sit on board and just watch time unfold firsthand and maybe snap a few high resolution photos and a post some video to YouTube.

I may not be able to visit the past by way of H.G. Wells’ invention, but the next best thing is already closer than you would imagine.  The home movies our parents made back in the days of the soda fountain, Elvis, and  the full service gas station are now coming out of their dusty storage boxes being reborn as digital family treasures. The same technology that was used to restore major motion pictures from the good old days, now is at hand for those on a more limited budget than Ted Turner had at his disposal when he re-mastered “Gone With The Wind”.

It was 1956 when my parents purchased a glossy yellow 1955 Buick Century with power everything. It was a very good year for our family of six, so mama just had to have a movie camera to archive the festivities wherever we went. Our family had some great times back then, and my mother filmed most of the highlights.  Two years ago I had all of the family 8mm  movies dating from 1956 digitized. The movies were scanned and re-imaged as Audio Video Image files or AVI computer files.This conversion allows for a complete edit, or cleanup of the movie so we now have cleaner images than we had in 1956. The detail is quite excellent. With a computer, unlike the old hot light bulb that melted film, stop-motion is easy, and allows for detailed viewing of your favorite images. I am also able to create and print photos from individual frames  using screenshots which are possible on the PC when the movie is paused. The entire process of bringing the old pictures  to the new technology  is often referred to as media conversion, or media transfer.

Time travel is indeed  possible, just not the kind H.G. Wells wrote about. Mr. H.G. Wells may have enjoyed this kind of time travel even more!

Pleasant Journeys!

Larry and Dad 1956

– Larry





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